Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials

"Dr. Schoenherr is the best Chiropractor in St. Charles County and great St. Louis. His staff is the friendliest I’ve seen. You must stop by and try out. What he says, he do it! As a Brazilian Joy-Jitsu practitioner, he has fixed my back and neck many times so I can keep training and competing. I do recommend him and I wish everybody to have a doctor like him. For the first time in months I was able to wake up and NOT be in pain."

- Miguel T.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials

"I've been going to Dr. Schoenherr for a little over five years. He has helped my achieve personal fitness goals. He has helped me through a pregnancy, delivery and recovery. He is currently helping me achieve my biggest fitness goal yet...a full marathon in April 2017. I have a shirt that I wear regularly that reads "Chiropractic Keeps Me Running" and I truly believe that! Dr. Schoenherr also treats my husband and both of our daughters, who are 5 and 1. He and his staff have the best mix of personal and professional. We love the care we get there and look forward to many more years!"

- Elizabeth R.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials

"I love my visits at Dr. Schoenherr's office. The staff is very friendly and there is rarely a wait. When I first came to see Dr. Schoenherr I was barely able to put on my own shoes. After years of pain and misalignments I didn't even know I had, I am getting ready to start a new exercise program. I still have a long way to go before I'll be running any marathons, but I know for sure Dr. Schoenherr is capable of helping me go as far as I am willing to push myself. Thank you Dr. Shoenherr for giving me hope again."

- Mary M.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials Jessica B

"An amazingly talented group!!! I highly recommend. Dr. Schoenherr for any musculoskeletal need."

- Jessica B.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials Don M

"I have stenosis of the back now, and Dr. Schoenherr and staff keep me on my feet and going!!"

- Don M.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials

"Great practice. They have a great staff. I honestly would be in a wheelchair I think if not for them."

- J.C.K.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials Kathleen M

"I've been going to Doc S for nearly 20 years now....falls, car wrecks, sports injuries, he's brought my whole family back to "whole" every time!"

- Kathleen M.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials Joseph K

"Always pleased. Great staff always greeted with a smile."

- Joseph K.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials Kathy A

"Love that Dr S is always willing to try different methods to find the right fix. Sweetest staff!"

- Kathy A.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials Laverne B

"I've been to several Chiropractors and Dr Schoenherr is my favorite. My family has been going to him for many years and after getting an adjustment I feel great. He does give you his full attention and genuinely cares about each of his patients."

- Laverne B.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials Rob C

"Never having been to a Chiropractor I was somewhat skeptical. However, after hurting my back and starting treatment with Dr. Schoenherr I am convinced that it works. Very friendly people, always helpful. I would recommend them to anyone."

- Rob C.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials Jon S

"I've been going to a different chiropractor for a couple years now and in just 2 visits with Dr. Schoenherr I feel much better than I ever did leaving my other chiropractor. Dude really knows his stuff."

- Jon S.

Chiropractic St Peters MO Testimonials Barb P

"Dr. Steve has been my primary physician for 19 years. His holistic approach to my health care is unlike any physician I've encountered. His staff is both professional and personal. I would highly recommend his care for patients of all ages."

- Barb P.

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