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acupuncture in backAfter Dr. Schoenherr graduated from chiropractic college in 1997, and started his practice, he loved the results patients were getting. “Ninety percent of them would always get better, but it was those last few that wouldn’t respond like we wanted,” he said.

That’s when he decided to take post doctoral training in acupuncture to give us another tool to implement for those challenging cases. In 2007, Dr. Schoenherr was certified by the Acupuncture Society of America.

“Acupuncture gives me the ability to work with patients who, for example, had surgical fusion, or had other issues that wouldn’t make them a great candidate for chiropractic care,” said Dr. Schoenherr. He also views acupuncture as a good gateway for some patients reluctant to try chiropractic, and want to first seek holistic health care with acupuncture.

Who Can Acupuncture Benefit?

There are many conditions that respond well to acupuncture. These include the following:

  • Chronic sinus problems
  • Chronic knee pain
  • Infertility as acupuncture helps balance the body
  • Getting Baby into the optimal head-down birthing position

How Does It Work?

With acupuncture, we’re seeking to balance the body using its energetic system, and knowing which points to stimulate, increase, decrease or balance. The next step is to let the body do what it does best, which is to heal itself as long as we help remove any interference.

“That’s why chiropractic and acupuncture go hand in hand, because I’m working on the structural and electrical systems, and working on removing interference,” said Dr. Schoenherr.

What to Expect

There are different ways Dr. Schoenherr can provide acupuncture. These include the traditional use of needles, stimulating points with electricity, and auricular acupuncture, which uses the micro-system of the ear to get different effects.

He also has an AcuGraph machine, which gets information from the body. The machine allows Dr. Schoenherr to read the meridians (the currents of electricity in the body), and see which ones are off and what needs to be done.

One of Many Tools in His Toolbox

“As a chiropractor, I have different tools. I’m a structural engineer working with the spine and an electrical engineer when I work with acupuncture. I’m a civil engineer, when we talk about detoxification and nutrition, and by putting those three things together, I’m able to help someone,” said Dr. Schoenherr.

While chiropractic is his first love, acupuncture pairs well with chiropractic, particularly when it’s clear that additional care might be needed.

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