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How a Chiropractor Can Help You Make the Most of Your Pregnancy

pregnant mom sitting on bed in pajamasWomen are increasingly discovering the incredible value of chiropractic care at every stage of pregnancy—and even before conception. Many women and their partners encounter fertility challenges. When there is any irritation in the nerves that go to the reproductive organs, we can adjust the patient and relieve some stress that makes it easier to conceive.

Once a woman becomes pregnant, many hormones are released. While a pregnant patient experiences what we consider a good type of stress, any stress can affect the body and cause changes. The good news is that with chiropractic management, we can find problems before they become issues.

What Are Some Benefits?

Here are some primary benefits pregnant women may experience while under chiropractic care:

  • Natural pain relief

    From back and neck pain to sciatica and headaches, discomfort is common during pregnancy. As taking medication isn’t advised, chiropractic care is a safe, natural and effective way to address pain.

  • Ensures pelvic alignment

    With chiropractic care, we can ensure the pelvis is aligned, allowing your baby to have as much room as possible to grow and move.

  • Reduced labor time

    Did you know that chiropractic has been shown to reduce active labor time by 25% in the first pregnancy and 30% in subsequent pregnancies? Who doesn’t want a decrease in labor time and fewer surgical interventions?

Beneficial at Every Stage

Here are some ways chiropractic can help throughout pregnancy:

First trimester

We’ll work on helping the body adapt and change to the growing baby. During this trimester, women experience changes in posture and in the center of gravity. Your gait will change, and your sleep habits will as well. Chiropractic can help your body become more accustomed to its new way of being. We can also provide posture and ergonomic tips that you can maintain throughout your pregnancy.

Second Trimester

As you enter the second trimester, you’ll start to feel more irritation, inflammation and discomfort. We can reduce discomfort while you’re getting your body to function optimally and adapt. Ensuring the mother’s biomechanics are proper for the baby’s growth is another important role of chiropractic during this trimester.

Third Trimester

If you’re having discomfort, you will feel even more in this last trimester. The negative part of hormones is you won’t be as stable in holding adjustments as before. You may also have more lower back pain and stress on joints, and notice pressure in the upper back.

Chiropractic can help you stay comfortable and prepare your body for delivery. When you’re in optimal alignment, your body can perform as it’s designed without any interference.

Fourth Trimester

Chiropractic is also highly valuable following delivery. The first thing we want to do is check you and your baby to locate any stress that happened during childbirth. After all, giving birth and being born are the most traumatic events in life.

We also look for subtle injuries that add stress to the body. If we identify such issues, we can catch them early. Chiropractic also can help you get your body back to its pre-pregnancy shape.

Whether you just found out you’re pregnant or are in your last trimester, chiropractic can help you feel your best. Contact us today to book an appointment!


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